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“Crazy Ho” is a one-of-a-kind Indian anime series that follows the adventures

of five bold characters : Jal, Agni, Prithvi, V.A.Y.U, and Amber. They tackle society’s most pressing issues with creativity, courage, and unconventional solutions.

 This whitepaper offers a glimpse into the project’s visionary world,

Are you ready to explore this crazy world? #CrazyHoNFT


Minting Date
10th May 2024

108 Limited Edition NFTs

Why 108 NFTs?

The number 108 holds profound significance. In ancient Indian astronomy, it is believed that the sun is 108 sun-diameters away from the earth, and the moon is 108 moon diameters away.

This remarkable alignment has inspired spiritual and mathematical

 symbolism for centuries. With this deep-rooted symbolism, 108 is seen as an auspicious number—a symbol of harmony, progress, and abundance. By joining the Crazy Ho NFT project, you’re tapping into this power.

Own a Piece of the Revolution :

By purchasing one of the limited 108 editions of our Anime Webseries Logo Poster NFT, you’re not just buying a piece of digital art; you’re stepping into the role of a producer for our groundbreaking Anime Webseries, “Crazy Ho.”

The Crazy Ho Producer NFT isn’t just a digital collectible, it’s an opportunity to be part of a community that’s pushing boundaries and driving change.

Secure your Crazy Ho NFT and join the movement. Together, let’s transform the way stories are told and tackle societal issues with boldness and creativity.

Crazy Ho Poster NFT

What is Crazy Ho?

Crazy Ho is not just an animated web series—it’s a movement. Set in the vibrant and complex landscape of modern India, the series revolves around five daring college students: Jal, Agni, Prithvi, Amber, and Vayu. Each from different backgrounds, these young individuals are bound by a shared commitment—to challenge the status quo and drive societal change through ‘crazy’ yet impactful actions.

Core Philosophy:

“Embrace Your Madness.” In a world that’s often rigid and unimaginative, we believe that true change is sparked by those who dare to think differently. Crazy Ho embodies this spirit, proving that sometimes, the most unconventional ideas are what we need to solve age-old problems.


Become A Producer :

  • Join the inner circle with the Crazy Ho Producers Community! This exclusive group gives you a access to Brainstorm, ideate, and execute impactful project while earning recognition for your contributions.

  • Get a chance to interact with real heroes of change—those who are making a difference.

  • Your ticket to CrazyHo Verse, the upcoming Metaverse game! As an NFT holder, you can earn real rewards by solving in-game challenges.

Are you ready to be part of something revolutionary?

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Meet Our SuperHeroes


Phase 01

NFT Launch

The initial offering of limited edition of 108 NFTs. Calling Producers to be part of this ground-breaking series.

Phase 02

Character Drop NFTs

Five main characters & a series of character-specific NFTs that expand the Crazy Ho universe.

Phase 03

Episodes Launch

Explore the development and launch of Season 1 of 10 episodes. Each of episode tackles a unique problem with an ingenious, unconventional solution.

Phase 04

On-Ground Change

Every problem highlighted in the episode will bring change on-ground with its crazy and innovative initiatives. Be a part of real on-ground change

Phase 05

Real Heroes

Meet the Real Heroes of Change! We spotlight and interview these inspiring individuals and discover their stories through live sessions, podcasts, and much more.

Phase 06

Enter CrazyHo Verse

Metaverse of Crazy Ho, a gamification where NFT holders would get exclusive access to the Metaverse game and earn real rewards by solving problems in the game.

Meet our Crazy Change-makers


Jal (Water): An emotional and sensitive musician who dreams of forming a rock band. He believes his guitar is mightier than a sword.


A sensitive soul with a passion for music, driven to create harmony in discord.


Agni (Fire): A tom-boyish rebel with a fiery spirit. She’s fearless in speaking her mind and isn’t afraid to break a leg—literally.


A fiery, tom-boyish tech genius, who’s not afraid to fight for what’s right.


Prithvi (Earth): A confused yet creative spirit who’s always exploring new hobbies. His charm and innocence win people’s hearts, and he’s always willing to help.


A creative thinker, always busy and bustling with new ideas to improve his surroundings.


Amber (Space): A confident leader who is outspoken and always ready to make a difference. Her fiery speeches ignite change.


A confident, outspoken leader, dedicated to social change and justice.


V.A.Y.U (Air): A witty, risk-taking guy with a knack for “jugaad.” He views things from a different perspective

and uses unconventional methods to solve problems.

Nobody knows his full real name.


The humorous, quick-witted marketer with a knack for seeing potential where others see none.

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